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CV and List of Publications



Marcotte Consulting August 1995 to present. President.
Provides management consulting services to assist industry, governments and other organizations to improve competitiveness and prosperity. Former co-chair, United Nations Environment Program Methyl Bromide Technical Options Committee and member of the Technical and Economics Panel of the Montreal Protocol. From 2004 - 2014, made twice-yearly presentations to the Plenary of the Montreal Protocol Meeting of the Parties and Open-Ended Working Group. Prepared an extensive regulatory and trade assistance report for producers of fresh fruit and vegetables for European Union producers wanting to export to Canada. Prepared several food additive petitions for Canada, the United States and Australia. Prepared the first submissions for NAFTA labels for fine chemicals to assist North American companies to reduce costs. Extensive work with the radiation processing industry worldwide as a food irradiation expert. Regulatory consultant to a supplier of disinfectants for health care institutions. Agri-environmental consulting, methyl bromide alternatives in pest control in food processing and commodity treatment.

Inter/Sect Alliance. August 1995 to October 2003. Associate.
Extensive regulatory development, business impact and trade promotion experience for food, beverage, natural health products and nutraceuticals (dietary supplements) and ingredients.

MDS Nordion (formerly Nordion International Inc.) 1987 to 1995. 
Senior Market Development Specialist, Food Irradiation Applications. Contributed to the development of an international market for the irradiation of food and agricultural commodities.  Made key contributions in regulatory development, food technology, marketing, customer service and technology transfer projects. Coordinated and directed food research.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Agriculture Development Branch and Market Development Branch, 1977-1987. Food Consultant. 
Contributed to stronger agri-food business through applied food research, marketing strategies, managing and evaluating projects and programs, particularly media relations, marketing communications, consumer food safety education and research.

Ottawa Journal. 1978-1979. Weekly Food and Nutrition Columnist.

Carleton Board of Education. 1977-1979. Adult Education Food Instructor.



Member, Technical and Economics Panel, Montreal Protocol on Ozone depleting substances. 2005 to 2014.
The Technical and Economics Panel (TEAP) of the Montreal Protocol provides technical and economics information that is policy relevant to guide Parties when making decisions on ozone depleting substances.

Board of Directors Chair, Community Artists Niagara, Niagara Falls, Ontario 2011 to 2013.
Community Artists Niagara, as the largest artists’ organization in the Niagara region, was the convergence point for art, culture and community development.

Board of Directors Chair, Wesley Foundation, University of Maryland, College Park Maryland 2008-2011.
The Wesley Foundation is a United Methodist organization serving students at the University of Maryland. The Board of Directors is the adult management board; there is also a student board. Improved board communications, organized and evaluated events for students, evaluated Chaplaincy services, fundraising.   



1977. University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
Honors. B.A. Home Economics, Foods and Nutrition major, fourth-year honors thesis in nutrition education, 1977. Also Chemistry, Human Physiology, Psychology, Consumer Affairs, Statistics, Economics, English and Drawing, Sculpture, Asian Art, Cinema. Dean of Women’s Senior Honor Award.

Other: short courses in Marketing Management, Marketing Channels (Algonquin College, Ottawa Canada), Management, Project and Program Management, Problem Analysis, Written Communications, Public Speaking and Media Techniques.


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