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May 2023

Michelle Marcotte published 'Chase That Polar Bear Out of the House!'.

Does a lazy white polar bear live with you? Run and chase it out of the house, or it might decide to nap on your couch!

Chase That Polar Bear Out of the House! invites you to take a real (or imaginary) activity walk. A child and an adult walk through the yard, the woods, a pond, and back home, trying different exercises, meeting various animals, and learning new colors along the way. Take a walk on the wild side and get moving in the process. Then when the fun is done, you can take a rest and dream about what to do next! Illustrated by outdoor educator Annely So.

34 pages, softcover, full color, Archway Publishing $14.99. Order from Archway, bookstores, wholesalers and Amazon.

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