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About Michelle Marcotte

Michelle Marcotte provides consulting services to assist industry, governments, associations and other organizations to improve competitiveness and prosperity. Her work involves regulatory development and management, technology assessment, market strategies, public policy management and strategic communications counsel. She encourages industry and governments to make decisions that are environmentally and economically sustainable. Marcotte Consulting assists companies, associations and governments to improve their understanding of regulatory issues -- to effect change and reach agreements that serve the public and improve business.

Michelle Marcotte began consulting after a decade as a senior market development specialist for food irradiation with a major radiation processing equipment supplier, a position that enhanced her international regulatory, food technology and marketing communications experience. Previously, she worked for Agriculture Canada on issues concerning food marketing, generic promotion, media communications, applied food technology and human nutrition, working with Canadian commodity groups and food industry associations.

A consultant for over twenty years, Michelle's regulatory affairs experience with clients in Canada, the United States, the European union, Australia and the United Kingdom included representation to governments and strategic corporate development advice to clients in the international business community. She has prepared numerous regulatory petitions, submissions and amendments for foods, animal feeds and specialty chemicals in the United States, Canada and Australia. Michelle and Ken Vick completed a European Union report to assist trade in fresh produce to Canada. She developed the design of and regulatory submissions for NAFTA labels. NAFTA labels allow companies to use a single label for a product sold in Canada and the United States.

A recognized expert in food irradiation, related preservation and pest control technologies, she was co-chair of the United Nations Environment Program Methyl Bromide Technical Options Committee (MBTOC). MBTOC is an international expert committee of about 40 scientists from 30 countries whose technical and economic evaluations are key factors in policy decisions under the Montreal Protocol. Michelle was a member of the Technical and Economics Panel of the Montreal Protocol; TEAP supervises all the Technical Options Committees and provides policy-relevant advice to Parties of the Montreal Protocol.

Michelle has three decades of unique communications experience correcting misconceptions and managing difficult communications. She has assisted senior executives in several companies to enhance their company’s profile with regulators. Her media writing experience is extensive. Michelle is also an artist, and children's book author.

Marcotte Consulting Announcements

Jan 2023
News Flash! Michelle Marcotte published "Will Evie Ever Lay An Egg?"
32 pages, softcover, full color, Archway Publishing, $13.99. Order from Archway, bookstores, wholesalers and Amazon.
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Mar 2023
News Flash! Michelle Marcotte and Joël Beddows published "ABC Vegetables - Abécédaire Des Légumes"
36 pages, softcover, full color, Archway Publishing, $14.99. Order from Archway, bookstores, wholesalers and Amazon.
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May 2023
News Flash! Michelle Marcotte published 'Chase That Polar Bear Out of the House!'
34 pages, softcover, full color, Archway Publishing $14.99. Order from Archway, bookstores, wholesalers and Amazon.
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News Flash! Michelle Marcotte's paintings and books are now represented by River Art Gallery, North Tonawanda, NY (

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