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Consulting services include advice and advocacy on: regulatory and legislative issues in the United States, Canada and internationally; research coordination, information services and analysis and project management. We provide marketing and industry communications and media advisory services. Michelle Marcotte has demonstrated an ability to analyze food, health and public issues to better position industry products, government services and policies.

Corporations and associations contract with Marcotte Consulting for strategic advice and analysis in regulatory affairs, food technology, radiation processing, environmental issues, market development and communications. We assist industry clients to resolve problems with government and to represent their interests to government. International research and project management skills are an important facet of our value to corporate clients. Companies in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia and international agencies have formed the client base.

We have developed a unique expertise in the design of and regulatory submissions for NAFTA labels. A NAFTA label allows a company to use one label for its product for all sales in North America. In the specialty chemical sector, companies with approved NAFTA labels can decrease a myriad of production and warehousing costs, increase their ability to market their products more widely, satisfy their multi-national customers and improve user safety.

One of few regulatory specialists in the field of natural health products/dietary supplements, functional foods and health claims in the Canadian market, Michelle has acted as an advisor to both government and industry. Michelle is uniquely prepared to assist companies to understand Canadian, American, Australian and Japanese regulations in this field. In addition, Michelle has an expert level knowledge of the effects of irradiation on natural health products/dietary supplements.

Government departments contract with Marcotte Consulting Inc. to research and analyze agri-food and agri-environmental technical and regulatory issues and to manage industry and regulatory projects. Government clients appreciate Marcotte Consulting’s excellent report writing skills and industry liaison capabilities.

We have unique experience and proven capability to manage executive and scientific committees developing new analysis leading to consensus documents, policy recommendations and executive decisions.

New Focus: Medical research editing. Michelle Marcotte’s editing services for physician-researchers allows them to publish more, saving time and improving quality. She provides substantive editing, not just wordsmithing, assisting physicians to clearly organize their thoughts, present their research validly, inform and teach. Michelle assists physicians to more confidently to reach the medical and patient audiences now reading medical journals.

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