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About Marcotte Consulting

Michelle Marcotte and Ken Vick provide consulting services to assist industry, governments, associations and other organizations to improve competitiveness and prosperity. Our work involves regulatory development and management, technology assessment, plant quarantine issues affecting trade, market strategies, public policy management and strategic communications counsel. We have unique experience and capability in managing executive and scientific committees. We encourage industry and governments to make decisions that are environmentally and economically sustainable. Marcotte Consulting assists companies, associations and governments to improve their understanding of regulatory issues -- to effect change and reach agreements that serve the public and improve business.

Our expertise includes:

  • Agricultural environmental issues, particularly methyl bromide alternatives in food processing and commodity treatment, including domestic regulations and international agreements.
  • Canadian and American cross-border regulatory and trade issues management in food, environmental, specialty chemicals.
  • Unique experience in the design of and regulatory submissions for NAFTA labels – one label for your North American sales. 
  • Agri-food industry and government liaison; lobbying in Canada.
  • Unique expertise in irradiation of foods, animal feeds, natural health products and dietary supplements, providing technical, regulatory and management consulting leading to market development.
  • Technical and management training and coaching.
  • Consumer issues assessment and positioning.
  • Consumer, media and marketing communications.
  • Medical research editing, especially for physicians working in gynecology and gynecologic oncology.

Marcotte Consulting
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